About Tantric Massage


about-tantric-massageTantric therapies offer more than just whole body orgasms and all night sex. It can increase your energy levels, sensual awareness and enhance the quality of your life.

Good sex is an art that requires time and attention to flourish. Busy and stressful lifestyles can take their toll and our sex lives are often the first thing to suffer. We could all do with more of the feel-good factor that comes from good sex.

Unfortunately, due to the stresses and strains of modern life, many of us are unable to benefit from a healthy sexual life. The sexual rites of Tantra offer a path to sexual well being to anyone suffering from sexual dysfunction.

For the rest of us, Tantric Sex seduces us with its promise of endless ecstasy. It guarantees orgasm and feelings of emotional satisfaction for women and men find tantric techniques can help them to keep it up longer, even all night!

Many of us like to escape from the strains of the rat race – A Tantric ritual can be a quick and easy way to fit a little fun and indulgence into your schedule.

History of Tantric Massage

Tantric massage has its roots in the ancient teachings of Tantra.

The following resources provide more background information on Tantra & Tantric Rituals:

Tantric Sex: The Path of Bliss – Kavida Rei
The Multi-Orgasmic Man – Mantak Chia & Douglas Abrams
The Art of Sexual Ecstasy: The Path of Sacred Sexuality for Western Lovers – Margo Anand

Benefits of Tantric Massage

Relieve Stress – set aside your hectic life for a moment, and rest with me in my Temple. Everybody deserves a special moment dedicated to themselves, to clear the mind and relax the body. I hope you find your moment here with me.

Increase male power – Tantric Massage teaches how to balance sexual energy with healthy sexuality, increases confidence in lovemaking by creating harmony with Woman, promotes sexual healing and helps to guide you in loving sexual relationships.

Healing of Premature ejaculation – special practice in tantric massage by using the ejaculation control technique, teach you the basic strategy to delay the orgasm and prolonging. One hour Tantric Massage session and maybe several of them would help you improve premature ejaculation; give you the idea how to overcome the problem.

Deeper sexual Pleasure – Tantric Massage tries to bring man out of the basic state to a higher sexual energy level, gather all the sexual power in the end of session to gain the whole body orgasm.
Sacred Space – my apartment is a relaxed, ambient, safe and sacred place where you will be able to explore the power of tantric moment.

Chakra Balancing – It includes a diagnosis and rebalancing of Chakras (the energies of the body), transforming the sexual energy from your root chakra to you heart chakra to your crown chakra, combined the sexuality with you emotion and spirituality, balance all your energy level.

Sensual Full Body and Erotic Massage – use beautiful smooth non scented oil, performing a slow gentle and sensual all over body massage by quality of subtle touch and body connection and movement.

Ejaculation Control – while doing erotic lingam treatment, use the secret techniques for heightening and prolonging pleasure, increased power, vitality and longevity, especially for the premature ejaculation problem.

Prostate Massage – the prostate is male accessory sex gland, which means it plays a helpful role in the ejaculatory/breeding function. When it is massaged, it also produces testosterone which is a male hormone and can thus lead to great pleasure. It has been known to aid ejaculation when stimulated.

Prolonging the Pleasure – I will make you last hours and enhance sexual pleasure using *ejaculation control* techniques.