Tantric Rituals


tantric-ritualsThe following list will give you an idea of those rituals that I specialize in:

  • Opening the Sacred Space Introduction to the Chakras System and Tantra Breath work
  • Introduction to crutia perinea muscles control
  • Light meditation
  • Relaxing music
  • Body Conscious Touch and Veneration Use of Textures
  • Sensual massage with Finger Nails
  • Tantric Body-to-Body work
  • Full body massage with oil including deep Pelvis massage
  • Lingam Massage¬† Lingam massage (7 different techniques in offer)
  • Testicles Massage
  • Prostrate Massage
  • Perineum and Anus Massage
  • Prolonging Pleasure and Ejaculation Control

Advanced Breath Work which is beneficial for creating connections and intimacy – such as HEART-TO-HEART BREATH, CIRCULAR BREATH and YAB YAM BREATH WORK (the Taoist sex position) – is available for regular clients only.

The recommended time for Tantric Massage treatment is in the range of 90 min to 120 min for first timers. Shorter 60 minute sessions are available as well. For clients who are short of time or I can perform a 30 min ritual restricted to Lingam Massage only.

Both in calls and outcalls are available. Please check my rates on the Fees page.

Please note that I need preparation time for all sessions so I can provide you with the best possible experience. Therefore book at least 90 minutes in advance.

Please note! I am not a Naturist. During my session I will always remain fully clothed or in sensual lingerie. I will allow you to touch my body during the process of the Tantric Massage but only the flesh that is uncovered.

For best results I strongly advise against the taking of any stimulants (alcohol, drugs) prior to a session, except for those that are taken for the treatment of sexual dysfunction.